FRP Panels


Resilient Textured and Colored Wall Panels

Take your surfaces beyond the tradtional frp white bumpy board. Our Varietex resilient wall coverings offer you a wide range of stylish finishes and colors, while still meeting the sanitary requirements of even the toughest commercial environments.


VARIETEX Classic Collection
9 Colors | 4 Textures

Neutral colors in sandstone,
linen, beaded, & tile-look.


VARIETEX Sands Collection
13 Colors | 2 Textures

New natural colors drawn
from earth’s beaches.


VARIETEX Classic Collection
7 Colors | 2 Textures

New bold colors drawn
from Earth’s formations.


VARIETEX Sands Collection
10 Colors | 2 Textures

New colors and hues drawn from the stunning waters of the Florida Keys – perfect to compliment any wall.



Available Sizes

4'x8' | 4'x10' (call for availability)


0.09" (sandstone, linen, tile-look)
0.075" (beaded)

Fire Ratings:

Class A per ASTM E-84 (sandstone and linen non satin only)
Class C per ASTM E-84


Seam Treatment Options

Silhouette Trims® (available in Classic colors only)
Beaded Panel Moldings
Color Caulk
Aluminum Moldings

Installation Accessories

Adhesive, Roller and Trowels

Resilient Wall Panels

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FRP GREENGUARD Gold Certification