Environmental Commitment

We are continually exploring ways to become a more efficient consumers of energy. Conservation in our facilities ranges from implementing measures that manage our energy consumption to replacing inefficient units or, in some cases, entire systems.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Crane Composites is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill. Through recycling programs with customers and vendors most packaging waste is recycled avoiding the landfill. Trim and scrap waste is reduced year over year through Crane Business System projects.




Controlling Emissions

Within the U.S. Crane Composites manufacturing facilities state of the art Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) are used to control emissions. All facilities are EPA compliant.


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Product Innovations

Lighter weight products for transportation and recreational vehicles help reduce fuel consumption for our end-users. FRP Aerodynamic Side Skirts are being used by long-haul trailers to improve aerodynamics. Long term research and development is focused on the utilization of new resin systems and reinforcements.

LEED Credit

View additional information about Crane's commitment to the Environment in our LEED Credit document

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Safety Commitment

We are proud of our commitment to protect the health and safety of our employees, visitors, and vendors. Our objective is to create an injury-free workplace and this starts with our “Safety-First” culture in which we believe that When Safety is First, Everyone Wins.


Crane Composites’ safety philosophy is all accidents are PREVENTABLE, Safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility, and working safely is a CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT.