January 15th, 2021

RE: Crane Co. Position on the COVID Vaccine

We have all endured a long and difficult journey through the current pandemic, which has dramatically changed the way we interact with one another in our homes, communities and at work. We are proud of the efforts we have all taken to ensure safety in the workplace, and recognize the significant effort all of you have made to continue operating and delivering our products and services to our customers. It’s not over, but there is good news on the horizon with the approval and release of several Covid-19 vaccines, and hopefully more on the way. As you have all no doubt seen in the news, in countries all around the world, Covid-19 vaccines are beginning to be administered, typically in phases with health care workers and other essential “front line” personnel receiving the vaccine first, followed by the elderly and other at-risk populations. As more vaccine becomes available, it will be administered more broadly to the general population.

Importantly, from what we have seen in the news, vaccines are being provided globally free of charge by state or local government agencies, or are being covered fully by medical insurance programs. There should be no cost to you to receive the vaccine.

While we do not feel it is appropriate to make this mandatory, we strongly encourage you to follow the news in your local community about the vaccine roll out, and get vaccinated when it becomes available to you. The vaccine is an important development in the battle against the Covid-19 virus and should help bring this awful pandemic to an end. Check with your doctor if you have any questions about the vaccine, and search your government health department websites for information on when the vaccine will be available in your area. Take advantage of this important protective measure, and let’s work together to end the pandemic!


Anthony D’Iorio and Jim Lavish

For COVID vaccine updates and availability, please fill out a vaccination registration survey with your local county:

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to either of us.


Chidozie B. Nwanojuo
Plant Manager

Julia Herrera
Human Resources Manager