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Sanitary, Durable Wall and Ceiling Panels and Accessories for Commercial and Residential Applications
Engineered Panels with Corrugations for Job Specific Buildings/Applications


GLASBORD with Surfaseal | BROCHURE
Product Fire Rating Thickness Product
Technical Data Sheet Installation Guide
FM Approved Embossed Class A 0.09" FXE Coming Soon Coming Soon
Embossed Class C 0.09" PIF Coming Soon Coming Soon
Lamination for Panels Class C 0.05" | 0.09"
PWI Coming Soon Coming Soon
Standard Polypropylene/Vinyl Moldings   M | V Coming Soon Coming Soon


Other Building Products Information

Chemical & Stain Resistant Testing | 6230 Coming Soon
Fire Rating Information Sheet | 6549 Coming Soon
FRP Embossed vs. Non-Embossed | 6315 Coming Soon
Glasbord Torture Test | 6342 Coming Soon
USDA/FSIS Requirements | 2603 Coming Soon




High Impact, Durable FRP Panels for Liners, Scuffplates, Roofs and Ceilings in Dry and Refrigerated Trailers and Truck Bodies


Product Thickness Product
Technical Data Sheet
ArmorTuf Embossed Liner Panels 0.07" EARM Coming Soon
Kemlite Standard Liner Panels 0.09" LTR Coming Soon