Since 1980, Crane Composites has provided the market with a superior translucent roof solution that has addressed a need for a well-lit, lightweight vehicle that allows for the safer loading and unloading of cargo. By utilizing our enhanced tear and puncture resistant technology, compared to other frp products, our solutions are built to withstand the harsh conditions that your vehicles face on the road.


Crane Translucent Roofs are...

Acrylic modified and UV stabilized for resistance to weather and chemicals. Based on the needs of your fleet, we have a product portfolio with a wide variety of product options for your needs. From our newest premium roof solution that encompasses enhanced weathering properties to our standard roof solutions designed for low abuse environments, our Translucent Roofs enhance your trailers and optimize weight while achieving application-specific physical property requirements.




Translucent Roofs are the superior solution when compared to alternative materials such as aluminum, leading to a clear advantage for the end user and OEM:

Weight savings
  • Comparing .075" ETR to .040" aluminum on a 53' Trailer, average weight savings of 15%
  • Comparing .060" TRW to .032" aluminum on a 20' x 8' Truck Body, average weight savings of 19%
  • Increased payload and fuel efficiency


natural light
  • Light transmission up to 20% with no added wiring or hardware costs
  • Unique resin system filters most UV light waves and minimizes heat build up


improved productivity & safety
  • Improved visibility for safer loading/unloading of cargo
  • Ideal for fleets who make frequent stops and load or unload products by hand





Heavy Duty

High Strength

Medium Duty/Standard

Aftermarket Product

Applications Unit Strength Product Product Code Thickness
   Dry Van Trailers

    Kemlite® Extended Weathering Translucent Roof | Embossed with Enhanced Tear Resistant (ETR) Fabric XLR 0.075"

    Kemlite ETR® Premium Translucent Roof | Embossed with Enhanced Tear Resistant (ETR) Fabric ETR 0.075"

  Kemlite® Translucent Roof | Embossed with Woven Edge Reinforcement TI 0.075"

Kemlite® Aftermarket Translucent Roof | Embossed with Woven Edge Reinforcement TRF 0.075"
Truck Bodies, Commercial Vehicles, and Step Vans

    Heavy Duty Translucent Roof designed for Truck Bodies | Embossed with Full Woven TRW

    Kemlite® Translucent Roof | Embossed with Woven Edge Reinforcement TI 0.06"

    Kemlite® Translucent Roof designed for Truck Bodies | Embossed TIB


Resilient Wall Panels

For a translucent roof with superior weatherability, one product rises above the others: Crane Composites fiberglass reinforced plastic (frp) Extended Weathering Translucent Roof. Our Extended Weathering Translucent Roof is engineered to survive harsh environments by combining durability and enhanced weathering capabilities with natural lighting. The Extended Weathering Translucent Roof was designed with the fleet in mind.

How can you tell if your vehicle has an extended weathering roof?

The light tint of ultramarine blue provides significant light transmission while limiting heat gain in the trailer compared to standard translucent roofs. This allows for improved safety and productivity for loading/unloading cargo. Additional UV stabilization has shown a reduction in roof degradation by up to one third, helping your roof last longer than standard translucent roofs.

Why choose Crane's Extended Weathering Translucent Roof?

Utilizing a tough polymer matrix, the Extended Weathering Roof is enhanced with additional UV stabilizers to extend it’s over the road life with enhanced weather-ability and better color fastness. This resin is combined with random long strand chopped fiberglass, woven reinforcement built into the roadside and curbside edges, and an enhanced tear resistant fabric throughout the panel that provides a tough composite thus providing protection in a wide variety of climates and road conditions.

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