Crane Composites Announces New Premium Fiberglass Sidewall for RV Market

Composites is pleased to announce the introduction of a new premium sheetglass sidewall product for the RV market.

Crane Composites began their legacy in the RV market over 30 years ago as the first to introduce fiberglass into the market and as the one and only manufacturer of genuine Filon fiberglass. Their Filon and Noble fiberglass sidewalls are industry leading solutions for RVs today. From towables to motorhomes, their fiberglass sidewalls are featured on many major RV models.

Crane Composites is revolutionizing the sheetglass sidewall with a product that outperforms all existing options in the market today. Introducing Noble ICON – a premium composite-backed sheetglass sidewall that offers a best-in-class automotive-like appearance that will maintain a smoother surface appearance over time while also reducing weight.

Noble ICON was designed and engineered from the ground-up with Crane Composites’ technical and R&D teams leveraging their state-of-the-art R&D center. Their goal was simple – equip RV’s with a sidewall that will better withstand the rigors of an RV’s lifecycle. Their tagline for ICON fittingly reminds users of just that; “Bring an ICON on your journey.”

Noble ICON addresses a need in the market for a sidewall that not only has excellent initial surface appearance but continues to look good over the course of an RV’s life.  The RV is exposed to various elements, climate conditions, and shifts in temperature which can result in appearance changes in a typical fiberglass sidewall. Noble ICON steps up to this challenge with up to 50% improvement in post heat cycle surface appearance over the current leading sheetglass. Upon delivery, RV owners will notice its mirror quality distinction of image, which also achieves up to 50% improvement over the current leading sheetglass. Not only does the sidewall look better, but it also includes measurable weight reduction over the current leading sheetglass for potential improved fuel economy or cargo capacity.

Noble ICON has been introduced to major OEMs in the premium/luxury segment and is currently being trialed with a leading Motorhome OEM. Crane Composites is excited about the future and what Noble ICON can offer the RV market.

Crane Composites Prepares for Key Industry and Customer Events

Spring is calling as Crane Composites prepares for numerous tradeshow events. These events are essential to building relationships with key players, showcasing our current and new product offerings, and connecting with end users.

Our Recreational Vehicle sales team kicked off the year at the Florida RV SuperShow and connected with peers and customers while hearing from key leaders on the outlook of the industry.

Our Building Products team is preparing for various events. In March, Crane Composites will attend two industry events including the largest US wall and ceiling industry event, BUILD Construction Expo and EXPO ANTAD, the top retail platform in Latin America bringing together key influencers in Food Industry. From February to April six key customer events will be attended including a bi-annual event with Do It Best showcasing our Sequentia product line, four distributor events that provide opportunities to present on our Food Processing initiative, and an event that focuses on our specification with Subway.

Our Transportation team will attend two major industry events for truck bodies and truck trailers and one customer event. The industry events, Technology & Maintenance Council Exhibition and The Work Truck Industry, will feature new displays focused on showcasing our value propositions on our translucent roofs and composite walls.

Organization Announcement – Transportation

Message from John O’Sullivan
February 27, 2024

The Transportation market has been impacted by lower freight volume and this has resulted in lower customer orders in 2024. The by business has faced competitive pressures from alternative materials for the past several years which has also reduced the sales growth. We  have completed a detailed review of the business and I am announcing a reorganization of the Transportation market. The reorganization will better align our resources withy current marketing conditions and market focus.


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