Crane Composites has been lining transportation trailers and truck bodies since 1954 with our Kemlite legacy line. Over the years our products  have traveled to several other applications. View our Kemlite options in each of the applications below.

Interior Liner

Fiberglass sheets for trailers

Equips your trailer and truck body with a lighweight high-impact, and abrasion resistant sidewall, ceiling liner, and subpan.

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Translucent Roof

Translucent fiberglass panels

Kemlite high-strength translucent roof that provides natural light, reduces weight, and minimizes heat build-up.

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Reefer Roof

Kemlite Reefer and Cool Roofs reflect most heat-generated UV light waves.

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Scuff Plate

Scuff plate panels

Kemlite Scuff protects your sidewalls from damage with our high strength-to-weight ratio design.

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SDSSDS for Flat + Corrugated FRP Panel904971safety-data-sheet

BrochureCatalog for Transportation Products65120brochure

MaintenanceMaintenance + Repair for Transportation Liner Panels6319maintenance-repair

BrochureInterior Liner Panels Flyer7589brochure

Supporting DocumentsBulk Coil Policy for Panels Manufactured in Joliet6207other-supporting-documents

Tech Data SheetKemlite Embossed Lightweight Liner65049technical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite Embossed Liner6347technical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite Embossed High Strength Liner6385technical-data-sheet

MaintenanceMaintenance + Repair for Transportation Roof Panels6232maintenance-repair

BrochureTranslucent Roof Panels Flyer7708brochure

BrochureKemlite Extended Weathering Translucent Roof7766brochure

Tech Data SheetKemlite Translucent Roof6309technical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite Aftermarket Translucent Roof7071technical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite Heavy Duty Translucent Roof6485technical-data-sheet

BrochureKemlite Reefer Roof Flyer7775brochure

Tech Data SheetKemlite Cool Roof7771technical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite Reefer Roof65030technical-data-sheet

BrochureKemlite Scuff Plate Flyer7590brochure

Tech Data SheetKemlite Scuff Plate Panels6303technical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite Scuff Plate Panels6280technical-data-sheet

Supporting DocumentsTransportation Product Reference Chart7563other-supporting-documents

WarrantyTransportation Claim Notifications6304warranty

Supporting DocumentsHeat Build-Up for Translucent Roof65141other-supporting-documents

MaintenanceRepair for SunPatch Roof6335maintenance-repair

Supporting DocumentsFSMA Regulation Flyer7780other-supporting-documents

BrochureFlyer de productos de Transporte7792brochure

Supporting DocumentsTabla de Referencia7563Sother-supporting-documents

Supporting DocumentsLiner Panels7589Sother-supporting-documents

Supporting DocumentsZoclo7590Sother-supporting-documents

Supporting DocumentsToldo Translúcido | Carrocerías7591Sother-supporting-documents

Supporting DocumentsToldo Translúcido | Trailers7708Sother-supporting-documents

MaintenanceParches de ReparaciónN/Amaintenance-repair

Tech Data SheetKemlite® Panel Estándar para Revestimiento Interno | Embozado65049Stechnical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite® Toldo Estándar Translúcido para Carrocerías y Trailers6309Stechnical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite® Zoclo Uso Pesado para Protección Interna | Embozado6303Stechnical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetKemlite Extended Weathering Translucent Roof7765technical-data-sheet