Hygienic Wall Systems
for food processing facilities


Our Glasbord with Surfaseal offers unsurpassed hygiene for any application. We offer FRP and seam sealant that provides a protective system with reduced maintenance seams. Our products stand up to frequent wash downs with chemicals and antibacterial cleaners. Our products create a protective envelope with high performance finishes for food processing and cold storage applications. That’s where our all-in-one hygienic wall panel solution comes in. Our products are certified by HACCP and meet the food processing guidelines of FSMA, USDA, FDA and FSIS.

Complete transitions with our polyurethane seam sealant that provides a nearly seamless surface and builds a permanent seal preventing any growth of mold and mildew. Using the seam sealant reduces maintenance needs as it does not have to be replaced like traditional silicone.

We are partnered with insulated panel manufactures that have options for temperature-controlled applications requiring hygienic SIPS panels.

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The Crane Hygienic Wall System delivers superior overall performance in the following categories:

10x more durable

Chemical resistance is an important factor when considering the longevity and durability of wall solutions in food processing facilities. Food processing facilities must endure constant cleaning cycles with abrasive cleaners, frequent wash cycles, and harsh chemicals. Crane Composites has conducted extensive chemical compatibility testing on a variety of commonly used cleansers in the food processing and chem/pharma industries to ensure fit-for-use in these applications.


GLASBORD panels are the first certified frp solution. HACCP certifies that GLASBORD panels are suitable for use in food and beverage facilities that operate in accordance with a HACCP based Food Safety Program.

NRP, HDPE, and IMP wall panels are not HACCP certified

surface that delivers unsurpassed hygiene

Keep your facility clean with GLASBORD panels that are easy to clean.  Cleanability is an important factor when considering wall solutions for food processing facilities.  Surprise audits can mean costly fines or even shut down your facility.  Crane Composites has conducted extensive cleanability compatibility testing with a variety of commonly used materials and cleansers for food processing industries to ensure our product’s fitness for use.

complete your CRANE cultivation wall panels

embossed + smooth, wall + ceiling panels

FRP Wall Panels for Grow RoomsIt’s a dirty world out there. Protect your facility with Crane resilient wall coverings. Our Glasbord with Surfaseal creates surfaces that deliver unsurpassed hygiene and durability. Available in a Class A or Class C per ASTM E-84 fire rating and FM Approved formula.
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two-part polyurethane seam sealant

Sealed Cultivation Wall Panels
Seam Sealant is an equal-mix, two-component bright white urethane sealant system used to bond and seal a variety of plastics. Use for a seamless Glasbord installation that is easy to clean.
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seamless wall to floor transitions

Grow Room Panels
Use Sani-Base stainless accessories for innovative moisture mitigation solutions for seamless wall to floor transitions. Our Sani-Base accessories are available in five different profiles to fit your application needs.
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steel trims for corners and window frames

PVC Wall Panels for Grown Rooms

Stainless steel trim pieces are the answer to having a sanitary, durable and clean transition while providing increased impact resistance and longevity to develop a more aesthetically pleasing finish.
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two frp adhesive options

Our Fast Grab and Advanced Polymer adhesive offers professional-strength and is specifically formulated for the installation of FRP panels over most porous surfaces. It offers quick grab and strength development that requires minimal bracing.
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fire-rated fiberglass ceiling system

Sanigrid is known for its moisture and corrosion resistance in high humidity installations. It won’t rust, pit, dent, or peel like metal grid systems.
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