frp para américa latina

For fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall and ceiling panels that combine unsurpassed hygiene and durability with high-performance and style, customers around the world trust Crane Composites. As the first and largest global manufacturer of FRP wall paneling, we offer the industry’s most innovative and resilient FRP panels.


Decorative wall panels

Recubrimientos sanitarios para muros y techos interiores, Sistemas de plafón sanitario, Paneles y Accesorios para Aplicaciones Residenciales y Comerciales. Laminas translucidas para aplicaciones generales, agrícolas, edificios metálicos, alta especificación para ambientes corrosivos y torres de enfriamiento.


Fiberglass panels for trailers

Muros, techo interior, sub piso, toldo translúcido y refrigerado, zoclo, faldón lateral aerodinámico, muros compuestos, paneles laminados, revestimientos exteriores para trailers secos y refrigerados & carrocerías


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BrochureFlyer de productos de Construcción7793MultipleVariousbrochurebuilding-productsdesigns glasbord varietex

Installation GuideGuía de Instalación6876SMultipleVariousinstallation-guidebuilding-productsdesigns glasbord kemply varietex

BrochureFlyer de productos de Transporte7792Embossed, SmoothFMVSS 302brochuretransportation-productsarmortuf kemlite

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Supporting DocumentsZoclo7590SEmbossedFMVSS 302other-supporting-documentstransportation-productskemlite

Supporting DocumentsToldo Translúcido | Carrocerías7591SEmbossedFMVSS 302other-supporting-documentstransportation-productskemlite

Supporting DocumentsToldo Translúcido | Trailers7708SEmbossedFMVSS 302other-supporting-documentstransportation-productskemlite

MaintenanceParches de ReparaciónN/AEmbossed, SmoothFMVSS 302maintenance-repairtransportation-productsarmortuf kemlite

Tech Data SheetArmorTuf®-NXT Alta Resistencia Panel para Revestimiento Interno | Suave65156SSmoothFMVSS 302technical-data-sheettransportation-productsarmortuf

Tech Data SheetKemlite® Panel Estándar para Revestimiento Interno | Embozado65049SEmbossedFMVSS 302technical-data-sheettransportation-productskemlite

Tech Data SheetKemlite® Toldo Estándar Translúcido para Carrocerías y Trailers6309SEmbossedFMVSS 302technical-data-sheettransportation-productskemlite

Tech Data SheetKemlite® Zoclo Uso Pesado para Protección Interna | Embozado6303SEmbossedFMVSS 302technical-data-sheettransportation-productskemlite

Tech Data SheetCrane Gold Revestimiento Liso Externo Brillo Intenso | En Bobina7674SGel-CoatNon-Fire Ratedtechnical-data-sheettransportation-productsfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon® G-III Revestimiento Liso Externo Brillo Estándar Mejorado | En BobinaRBP2Gel-CoatFMVSS 302technical-data-sheettransportation-productsfilon

Tech Data SheetArmorTuf®-NXT Revestimiento Liso Externo Brillo Estándar | En Bobina7549SSmoothFMVSS 302technical-data-sheettransportation-productsarmortuf

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From product information and service,
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all our products are backed with the
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FRP GREENGUARD Certification

All Crane FRP coverings have earned GREENGUARD Certifications for low chemical emissions issued by UL environment.

Crane Composites certifies that all FRP panels meet USDA/FSIS requirements

Crane FRP panels and corresponding moldings are domestic end products, manufactured or produced in the United States.