Translucent Roof Panels


Since 1980, Crane Composites has provided the market with a superior translucent roof solution that has addressed a need for a well-lit, lightweight vehicle that allows for the safer loading and unloading of cargo. By utilizing our enhanced tear and puncture resistant technology, compared to other frp products, our solutions are built to withstand the harsh conditions that your vehicles face on the road.


Acrylic modified and UV stabilized for resistance to weather and chemicals. Based on the needs of your fleet, we have a product portfolio with a wide variety of product options for your needs. From our newest premium roof solution that encompasses enhanced weathering properties to our standard roof solutions designed for low abuse environments, our Translucent Roofs enhance your trailers and optimize weight while achieving application-specific physical property requirements.

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Translucent fiberglass panels
Translucent fiberglass panels

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