When it comes to RVs, what’s on the outside counts! That’s why Crane Composites Filon exterior panels are specifically engineered to provide unsurpassed performance and beauty.

Crane began their legacy in the RV market over 30 years ago as the first to introduce fiberglass into the market and as the one and only manufacturer of genuine Filon fiberglass. Our lineup of Filon coilable exterior sidewall panels continues to set the standard for the industry. Composed of an advanced resin system and fiberglass, all Crane Composites Filon RV exterior sidewall panels provide resistance to dents, dings, mold, mildew and bacteria growth. The exclusive Crane Composites gel-coat surface is highly scratch and abrasion resistant, adding years of life to an RV. Panels come in a variety of finishes, thicknesses, colors and sizes for a variety of applications. It’s only Filon, if it’s Crane!


Industry standard
for nearly
three decades!


Formulated to deliver maximum weathering capabilities!


Sets the gold standard for a premium,
high-gloss finish!

FILON FlexRoof

Specifically engineered to be a one-piece, roof panel finish for recreational vehicles and camper and motorhomes.

Filon Flexroof flexibility allows the panel to bend around the radius where the roof meets the sidewall, resulting in a seamless, no-leak roof system.

Varietex & DESIGNS Interiors

Crane interior sidewalls are wood free panels, easy to clean, and available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Crane Composites interiors are superior in both appearance and durability versus any other type of product.


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SDSSDS for Flat + Corrugated FRP PanelVarious904971safety-data-sheetbuilding-products recreational-vehicles transportation-productsarmortuf cooling-tower designs duralite filon general-purpose glasbord isotuff kemlite sequentia sequentia-corrugated sunstrong varietex

BrochureFilon Coilable Exterior Sidewall PanelsNon-Fire Rated7827brochurerecreational-vehiclesfilon

Tech Data SheetCrane Gold Coilable PanelsNon-Fire Rated0.065", 0.085"7674technical-data-sheetrecreational-vehicles transportation-productsfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon Max Coilable PanelsNon-Fire Rated0.045", 0.05"7823technical-data-sheetrecreational-vehiclesfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon G3 Coilable PanelsNon-Fire Rated0.045", 0.05", 0.06", 0.07"65108technical-data-sheetrecreational-vehicles transportation-productsfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon Max Multi-Color Coilable PanelsNon-Fire Rated0.045"7905technical-data-sheetrecreational-vehiclesfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon Flexroof Embossed PanelsNon-Fire Rated0.045"7779technical-data-sheetrecreational-vehiclesfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon Doorskin Embossed PanelNon-Fire Rated0.037"6741technical-data-sheetrecreational-vehiclesfilon

MaintenanceMaintenance + Repair for RV PanelsNon-Fire Rated65000maintenance-repairrecreational-vehiclesfilon noble

Supporting DocumentsBulk Coil Policy for Panels Manufactured in Jonesboro65067other-supporting-documentsrecreational-vehicles transportation-productsarmortuf filon

MaintenanceCare + Maintenance for RV PanelsNon-Fire Rated6998maintenance-repairrecreational-vehiclesfilon noble

Supporting DocumentsGelcoat Blistering for Filon PanelsNon-Fire Rated65140other-supporting-documentsrecreational-vehiclesfilon

Supporting DocumentsGelcoat Chalking (fading) for Filon PanelsNon-Fire Rated7684other-supporting-documentsrecreational-vehiclesfilon

Supporting DocumentsPainting Instructions for Filon PanelsNon-Fire Rated6298other-supporting-documentsrecreational-vehiclesfilon

WarrantyLimited Warranty for RV ManufacturersNon-Fire Rated6242warrantyrecreational-vehiclesfilon noble

Tech Data SheetCrane Gold Revestimiento Liso Externo Brillo Intenso | En BobinaNon-Fire Rated7674Stechnical-data-sheettransportation-productsfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon® G-III Revestimiento Liso Externo Brillo Estándar Mejorado | En BobinaFMVSS 302RBP2technical-data-sheettransportation-productsfilon

BrochureRV Capability Brochure7852brochurerecreational-vehiclesfilon noble

BrochureFilon Roof + Varietex & DESIGNS Interiors Flyer7854brochurerecreational-vehiclesfilon

Tech Data SheetFilon Flexroof Smooth PanelsNon-Fire Rated0.04", 0.05"6333technical-data-sheetrecreational-vehiclesfilon