installation tools

Our wall panels are easy to install with our tools.

Fast Grab + Advanced Polymer Adhesive

Fast Grab Adhesive is solvent-free and offers professional-strength and is specifically formulated for the installation of FRP panels over most porous surfaces. See our adhesive instllation guide to select the best adhesive for your job.

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Color Rite Pre-Misting Tool

Color Rite’s Mist is available through Crane Composites. Pre-Tooling Mist is a spray agent used to aid in caulk installations. It is low odor, easy to apply and user friendly. Pre-Tooling Mist helps keep excess caulk from adhering to the FRP panel.

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FRP Panel Roller

Sturdy and nickel plated with adjustable handle from 17″ to 27″.

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V-Notched Trowel

5/16″ x 3/16″ x 1/4″ V with cold rolled steel blade and molded polypropylene handle.

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Pneumatic Gun for Seam Sealant

Newborn Dual Component Pneumatic Applicator with 2.5” Cylinder is to be used with Crane Composites Seam Sealant.

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Seam Treatment Accessories

Crane Composites offers an array of seam treatment options to complete your wall panel installations.

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