Our ArmorTuf® brand is our premier line of high-impact, heavy duty sidewall liners. ArmorTuf liners are comprised of continuous woven roving fiberglass along with long strand chopped glass and polyester resin. Including our ArmorTuf-NXT products that feature liners that are value-engineered for maximum strength by utilizing Crane Composites’ NexForce™ Technology, a unique composition of continuous uni-strand fiberglass roving along with chopped glass and polyester resin.

Available in multiple options with an embossed or smooth finish. See more information on our interior liners here.


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SDSSDS for Flat + Corrugated FRP Panel904971safety-data-sheet

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Tech Data SheetArmorTuf Heavy Duty Liner7770technical-data-sheet

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Tech Data SheetArmorTuf® Alta Resistencia Panel para Revestimiento Interno | Embozado65115Stechnical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetArmorTuf®-NXT Alta Resistencia Panel para Revestimiento Interno | Suave65156Stechnical-data-sheet

Tech Data SheetArmorTuf®-NXT Revestimiento Liso Externo Brillo Estándar | En Bobina7549Stechnical-data-sheet

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