FRP Panels


Coilable Exterior Sidewall Panels

When it comes to RVs, what's on the outside counts! That's why Crane Composites Filon exterior panels are specifically engineered to provide unsurpassed performance and beauty.


Available for about 30 years, Filon was the first fiberglass product offering for the RV market. Today, our Filon lineup of coilable exterior panels continues to set the standard for the industry. All of our Filon panels are made to withstand dents, dings, mold, mildew, and more. And they come in a variety of finishes, thicknesses, colors, and sizes.



FRP Wall Panels

Industry standard for more than 30 years!

FRP Wall Panels Technical Data Sheets


FRP Wall Panels

Our newest Filon sidewall panel formulated to deliver maximum weathering capabilities



FRP Wall Panels

Sets the gold standard for shiny finish, with a premium, high-gloss finish. Offers an R-value that is typically a minimum of 10% higher than the competition

FRP Wall Panels Technical Data Sheets

FILON Flexroof

Fiberglass RV Roof Panels
Filon Flexroof panels are specifically engineered to be a one-piece, laminated roof panel finish for recreational vehicles and campers. Its flexibility allows the panel to bend around the radius where the roof meets the sidewall, resulting in a seamless, no-leak roof system.
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FILON Interiors

RV Interior Wall Panels

Crane Composites interior sidewalls wood free panels are easy to clean. They are
superior in both appearance and durability versus any other type of product
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